Introduction: Anish Shyadligeri - Medical Student, Goa Medical College, India

18 July, 2020


It feels great to be a part of HIFA and I would like to introduce myself.

I am Anish Shyadligeri a Medical Student currently studying in Goa Medical College, India.

I take keen interest in Research and I believe that quality healthcare should be accessible for all and the first step towards that goal is to promote exchange of knowledge, literature and relevant healthcare information while making sure that the learnings reach the communities that benefit the most out of it.

I look forward to contributing and learning from the HIFA forum to raise concerns and work towards promoting accessibility to information and healthcare resources in Developing Nations.

Thanks & Regards,

Anish Shyadligeri

HIFA profile: Anish Ashok Shyadligeri is a medical student at the Goa Medical College in India. I take an extensive interest in global health, policy making, public health reform, and in raising the standards of healthcare in developing nations. Email address: anish.rshyadligeri AT