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17 April, 2021

Hello! I'm a new member to the list - a writer/journalist based in the UK, specialising in global development and science in society. I'm trained in environmental health and public health, and serve on the advisory board of Global Health Film.

Some of you may be interested in a newsletter I publish . Every week there's a post with curated headlines at the intersection of current affairs and global development issues, which of course has featured the pandemic quite heavily. There are also posts with analysis or Q&As, and opportunities to train in or pursue media work.

Here are some of the latest posts, in which you can find a field to subscribe if you wish:

Weekly Briefing: Split on vaccines and economies + more

WorldWise View: 'Help prevent a sequel': a pre-COVID cautionary tale

Work with the Media: A chance to feature your work

All the best, Anita


anita makri | freelance writer . editor . producer | she/her (why)

advisor @GHFi mentor @NYAS board @efsj instructor @cambridge_ICE

Latest: What do journalists say about covering science during the COVID-19 pandemic? (Nature Medicine)

HIFA profile: Anita Makri is a Freelance Writer, Editor, Producer in the UK. Professional interests: Writing/journalism in global development - including health and the environment - and science in society. Email: am AT