Introduction: Chelsea Rumao, India

27 April, 2021


Greetings of the day!

I am Chelsea Rumao. I am a undergraduate student of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India; which is one of the leading teaching institutes of Science and Arts in the country. After completing my graduation, I am hoping to pursue Masters degree in the field of Life Sciences with a specialisation in Neuroscience. I am passionate about healthcare education and hoped to share this excitement to everyone in need. I have been working on research projects one associated with Covid-19 pandemic and mental health and the other pertaining to life style disorders. I believe that to be productive in life you need to have healthy state of body and mind, hence I try spending some of time volunteering with the Goonj foundation to outreach basic healthcare for the backward classes. I am also a volunteer at the UN Volunteers program. For fun, I like to design daily life experiments to know subtle things. Apart from science I like music and travelling.


Chelsea Rumao.

HIFA profile: Chelsea Rumao is a Student at St. Xavier's College, India. Email: rumaochelsea24 AT