Introduction: Edwin Roberts, South Africa

1 May, 2020

Dear Neil, Poorva and Bill,

Thank you for the welcome email below and invitation to forward additional information relevant to HIFA remit that can significantly enhance the efforts of non-profit and NGO activities at a time of profound socio-economic upheaval.

In summary TOUCH is a #datafree mobile content delivery and feedback solutions that aids the dissemination of information in rural areas or areas without internet access. Whilst the attached brochure illustrates the use case for preventing the spread of the Corona virus it may also be used by other industries such as financial inclusion and literacy. Furthermore, TOUCH has social and economic benefits post-COVID-19 era to support repurposing of skills and remote working solutions for different sectors.

1. TOUCH is a low cost high impact mobile engagement information sharing tool and platform that is rapid to deploy, convenient to access with economic and scalable market potential.

2. The solution provides vital feedback, unlike traditional methods of communication like WhatsApp or text messages, TOUCH provides organisations with feedback on the recipients understanding of the communication. Recipients can answer questions after watching short impactful video content to enable organisations to evaluate the extent of understanding of the communication.

3. The most vulnerable population groups are easier to reach with TOUCH. With only 120 MB and no further connectivity TOUCH can deliver 4-5 highly informative videos including Q&A. By comparison a single 60 second HD video is 120MB and that’s only a single viewing with no Question & Answers nor interactivity.

4. The overall scientific and technical merit of the solution enables continued interaction and access to video content without constant connectivity as the small content files are always accessible in the App on a mobile device.

5. Faster fact-based decision making is made possible by the feedback of Users understanding of content whereas a traditional methods can’t offer this without dependence upon constant connectivity.

6. The simplicity and ease of operation/ integration with the existing systems enhances legacy technologies.

We have a window of opportunity to share this as millions of lives can be positively impacted by receiving the correct healthcare advice in addition to the applicability for many other industries like finance and transportation.

In conjunction with our internationally acclaimed BPO partner CallForce ( this solution can enable remote working to prevent the spread of the virus in offices and address the indirect societal effects of COVID-19 to support re-purposing of skills and micro-jobbing.

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Edwin Roberts


Touch int'l

SA mobile: +27 82 5561440

SA: +27 11 519 9995


HIFA Profile: Edwin Roberts is CEO of TOUCH in South Africa. Professional interests: Interest in preventative healthcare measures for vulnerable population groups in developing countries. Focusing on educational needs and practices for citizens and health workers in low- middle-income countries. Mechanisms to increase feedback iro response times, quality and scale to enable more informed decision making.

Email address: edwin AT