Introduction: Katharina Wirnitzer, Austria

6 May, 2020

Hello to HIFA-members around the world – so grateful to be & get connected!

My name is Katharina Wirnitzer (graduation in: Sport Science/Sports Pedagogics (PhD, MSc), Physics (MSc), and Ethics (BEd)).

Since 2003, after years of teaching, I do lecture and research at the interface of sports & exercise, vegetarian-vegan nutrition, and sustainable health, especially focusing on nutrition counseling in (young) athletes, health education and literacy.

As health competencies, behaviour and habits track over time from childhood into adulthood, early intervention is key, and thus having the potential to shape better health of future generations to come.

The transfer of scientific knowledge into practice-related settings such as sports, (high-)school, and university/college, and its expression as health-orientated individual and public health actions, is of special concern to me.

Therefore, I am excited getting connected to the HIFA network since it is my intention to contribute to better health spanning from childhood to the (healthy) elderly, but also multipliers and policy and/or decision makers such as students, and teachers/lecturers, researchers, politicians, representatives of statutory and private health insurance groups.

To date (5.5.2020) approx. 8,600 pupils & 1,300 adults have already participated in my current school study:

“From Science 2 School: Sustainably healthy – active & veggy” at

With my team and colleagues, we are already planning the future projects, from …

secondary to tertiary level (students/lecturers);

Austria-nationwide to EU-member states, and then across the globe, at least 1 partner on each continent;

large-scale sample with cross-sectional design to small controlled cohort samples with longitudinal mixed method design.

I hope with this to attract some colleagues from all areas of expertise of the HIFA network in order to connect for upcoming follow-up projects.

Save the date for scientific gathering at Graz/AUT: 10.+11. Nov. 2020.

Looking forward to your message(s),

Kindly Katharina

HIFA profile: Katharina Wirnitzer works at the Department of Subject Didactics and Educational Research and Development, University College of Teacher Education Tyrol, Austria. katharina.wirnitzer AT