Introduction: Kiaran Weil - Remote and rural healthcare - dentistry and oral surgery

31 August, 2020

My name is Kiaran Weil, I'm a dentist who has a special interest in remote and rural healthcare. I have been volunteering with Bridge2Aid, an NGO, currently working in East Africa. I am passionate about high standards of medical education; cooperative working; cultural intelligence; sustainability and sharing and learning about current best practices in the field.

I look forward to learning and being inspired by the work being done by colleagues across this whole sector.


Kiaran Weil BDS MPhil

2 Priory Grange



07754 778566

HIFA profile: Kiaran Weil is a dentist with Bridge2Aid in the United Kingdom and has a professional interest in oral surgery; behavioural sciences; medical education; remote and rural healthcare. Email address: kiaran_weil AT