Introduction: Lana Abdullah, Australia/Iraq - Multidisciplinary and holistic approaches to public health

7 July, 2021

My name is Lana Qasim Abdullah, from Kurdistan-Iraq. I have over 15 years of experience in the health sector in Kurdistan/Iraq. I am currently live in Australia. I have been in Australia since 2019. I am studying Master of Public Health at Curtin University. I am a member of the Health Protection Network Iraq/Kurdistan. I am very glad to be HIFA member and working with you.

I strongly believe that new directions in the health system and public health are required to address the reality of our fast-changing world. One of my firmly held beliefs is that multidisciplinary and holistic approaches are mechanisms for organisations and healthcare services to meet the needs of individual and public health. We live in a dangerous time and there are many threats to our health, therefore, we have to contribute to reducing the dangers.

Thank you.

HIFA profile: Lana Qasim Abdullah is a Doctor and Master of Public Health in Australia. Professional interests: Improving public health and disease prevention. Email: dr.lanaqassm AT