Introduction: Margaret Zimmerman, USA - Health information and disadvantaged populations

24 February, 2021


I am new to the COVID 19 working group. Currently, I am a professor at Florida State University in the US. I am really excited to be part of this group. I work with different disadvantaged populations in procuring health information and access - as well as conducting research on how health and information literacy effect information seeking. Currently, I have been funded to create educational interventions for people working or volunteering with the homeless population here to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases - including, but not limited to, COVID 19. I have done some international work and researched health information access in low- and middle low-income countries, though much of my work is US-centric currently. I am hoping that changes over the next few years.

I greatly appreciate being included in this group. Thank you to Neil for welcoming me.

Best Regards,

Margaret Zimmerman, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

School of Information

HIFA profile: Margaret Zimmerman is an Assistant Professor at the School of Information, College of Communication & Information, Florida State University, USA. She is a member of the HIFA working group on COVID-19. Margaret.Zimmerman AT