Introduction: Marvin Akuagwuagwu, UK - Global health policy and oral health in in Sub-Saharan Africa

19 August, 2020

Hello Everyone

My name is Chimezie Marvin Akuagwuagwu. I had my undergraduate degree in dentistry at the University of Nigeria and an MSc in Global Health and Management at the University of Aberdeen. I am passionate about global health policy and management research especially in the area of reducing oral health inequalities between rural and urban communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I look forward to engaging in critical discussions that would effect change globally especially in low and middle income countries and I am open to collaborations.

Kind regards


HIFA profile: Marvin Akuagwuagwu is a Dentist and Global Health and Management Enthusiast, based in Aberdeen, UK. He is passionate about social justice and measures of reducing health inequalities. akuagwuagwu.marvin AT