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Introduction: PPE Needed

7 October, 2020

I am a student currently completing my bachelor's degree in Business Administration,at the University of Amsterdam. I am working as a volunteer for the initiative (and soon to be foundation) PPE Needed, that aims to facilitate the global matching of supply and demand of PPE. As a business developer, I am committed to expanding PPE Needed and its platform, to be able to reach and help more people in need of PPE during the current COVID crisis. With an affinity for business and healthcare, my goal is to make this world a better and safer place through the work I do, by building on initiatives that have the potential to change the world for the better.

HIFA profile: Mick Vink is a student from the University of Amsterdam, currently completing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is a volunteer with PPE Needed, globally facilitating the acquirement of personal protective equipment. mickATppeneeded.com