Introduction: Ricardo Fernandez, Spain

1 May, 2020

My name is Ricardo Fernandez.

I am here to cooperate and collaborate towards redefining the world we live

in. I believe that in this paradoxical time, where so many are dying, and

so many are grieving while the rest of us are locked down, with unknown

psychological side effects. And that is just scratching the surface. We are

facing combinatorial explosion level of complexity, and AI is able to

handle it, but not yet and certainly not by itself. So I present myself as

an ambassador for AI technologies towards social human health rights,

because we can do it, and it's possible, in a sustainable, healthy

economic cycle, that nurtures innovative research and global cooperation.

A unified action once and for all. AI technologies are not easy to

explain. I have made it my mission to ensure wherever I can that AI is well

used and understood in an ethical scientifically sound manner for the

wellbeing of all living creatures and the planet.

Wish you health, strength and vision to navigate this uncertain times.

HIFA Profile: Ricardo Fernandez is an Independent not for profit researcher in España. Professional interests: Conversational artificial intelligence (AI), Ethics in AI design, sustainability in AI applications, nutrition, farm to fork AI sustainable solutions, effective international cooperation through good communication.

Email address: nimblechimera AT