Introduction: Usman Iqbal, Digital Health Consultant and Researcher (WHO/HIFA Quality Health Services - Catalyst Group)

7 June, 2021

Dear All


My name is Usman Iqbal and currently working as an Assistant Professor at

the Global Health & Development Dept., Taipei Medical University and

Digital Health Consultant & Principal Investigator at International Center

for Health Information Technology (ICHIT), Taipei Medical University,


It's a pleasure to be a part of HIFA - WHO/HIFA Quality Health Services -

Catalyst Group and will look forward to taking part in the discussion and

initiatives to improve the quality of health services.

Twitter handle: @usmaniqbal85

Linkedin profile:

I am also a co-EIC for CMPBUpdate


journal which is fully open Access and free until September 2021. If anyone

is interested to contribute any potential paper we can expedite the review

process. Also if anyone is interested in proposing a special issue on

potential topics - Please feel free to share your thoughts to have

discussion to facilitate it.

Best regards


HIFA profile:Usman Iqbal is a Health Informatics Researcher at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan and has professional interests in mHealth, eHealth, Health Technology, Electronic Health Records, Health Information Systems and Patient Safety, Observational Health Data and Pharmacoepidemiology. usman.iqbal85 AT