Introductions and latest Edition of the South African Health Review

25 February, 2020


Thank you for adding me to the HIFA forum. My name is Emma-Louise Mackie and I am the Coordinator for the South African Health Review (SAHR). The SAHR is an officially accredited peer-reviewed publication published by Health Systems Trust (HST) with funding from the NDoH on an annual basis. It provides an up-to-date perspective on current health policy developments and their implementation in South Africa, and monitors changes in and challenges to the provision of equitable and accessible health care in the country. The publication provides a combination of detailed information on health status and care, coupled with an in-depth analysis of policies and practices affecting the provision of health services, as well as insights into the degree of success that has been achieved in policy implementation.

We have recently released the 2019 edition of the SAHR with a special focus on Universal Health Coverage and the implementation of an equitable and inclusive national health system. If you are interested in accessing the 2019 SAHR, it can be downloaded from the Health Systems Trust website: Download here, [] or view a quick summary of the SAHR by downloading the Chapters at a glance. [ Also see the message below for further details.

I look forward to being a part of this interesting and valuable forum.

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Emma-Louise Mackie

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HIFA profile: Emma-Louise Mackie is a South African Health Review Coordinator for Health Systems Trust in South Africa. Professional interests: Health systems, health policy and implementation, public health, universal health coverage, national health insurance, equitable healthcare. Email address: sahr AT

South African Health Review 2019 Available to Download. SAHR 2019 Chapters at a glance

The Editorial Team of the South African Health Review (SAHR) is delighted to announce that the 2019 edition has been released and is available for download via the HST website:

Focusing on the journey towards Universal Health Coverage and the implementation of an equitable and inclusive national health system, this 22nd edition examines some key issues, including:

· the challenges and potential solutions to National Health Insurance (NHI) from a financing perspective;

· how the list of conditions and services that will be purchased by the NHI Fund from public and private providers across the country is being developed;

· whether we have made sufficient progress in the provision of quality health care over the last 25 years of democracy;

· the implications of some of the findings of the Health Market Inquiry on the second phase of NHI implementation; and

· what information the country will need to assess whether we are making progress towards universal health coverage through NHI and how will we measure it?

New perspectives on persistent challenges such as the barriers to HIV testing and treatment in men and HIV prevention in high-risk adolescent girls and young women are presented and a cluster of chapters explore the need for right interventions at key stages of life, reflecting on how best to cater for the health needs of a rapidly ageing population, the vulnerabilities of preterm birth infants and the importance of early childhood development, particularly in the first 1 000 days of a child’s life.

Infographics from our annual Health and Related Indicators chapter include the calculation of a UHC service delivery index and the application of the index to South Africa, over a period of time and disaggregated to provincial and district level, and can be accessed: here.

In addition, we are excited to introduce our new ‘Chapters at a glance’ section which provides a concise summary of each chapter, and in so doing provides a quick overview of this latest edition. You can download our Chapters at a glance here.

We are also pleased to announce that this year's publication features the introduction of our Healthcare Workers' Writing Programme (HWWP), which provides support to first-time authors wanting to publish in the Review. Read the inaugural chapter here.

On behalf of the Board of the Health Systems Trust, we would like to thank the authors, reviewers, Editorial Advisory committee members, editorial team and administrative personnel who have worked tirelessly to produce another excellent edition of the SAHR.​

As always, we are grateful to the South African National Department of Health for supporting the production of the Review.

Read the full media release.

Hard copies of the 2019 SAHR are available for collection from HST offices.