Invitation to update the HIFA article on Wikipedia (4)

29 June, 2020

In response to “Invitation to edit Wikipedia article on HIFA”.

Dear Neil and all,

Great initiative! Let’s do it - I just wanteed to mention that each Wikipedia article has a talk page where improvements can be discussed prior to making them:

But if possible, it might be better to discuss some of the bigger gaps here in the group in order to draw in more people into become active.

Also a small clarification: Neil said that only third part publications are valid as a source. It’s true that they are preferred but for “basic information” also the HIFA website would be OK as a source. For medical/health related content it’s different. Here we have to use highly reliable sources on Wikipedia, see here:

For inspiration purposes, compare the current Wikipedia article on HIFA with the article on SuSanA, a similar community of practice:

(I wrote/updated most of that article)

What I find very important is the section on “criticisms”. I find that a very important section which ought to be included in all Wikipedia articles about organisations. Compare also with the Wikipedia article on Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its section on criticisms and reforms:



HIFA profile: Elisabeth von Muench is a freelance consultant working on sustainable sanitation and knowledge management issues. Elisabeth is the community moderator of the SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance) discussion forum ( and an active Wikipedian (leading WikiProject Sanitation). She has a PhD in process engineering (wastewater treatment processes) and is currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Her focus is on SDG 6 and increasing political will to improve access to sanitation. E-mail: elisabeth.muench AT