"It takes a global village to eliminate a disease" - new interactive trachoma piece from Sightsavers (2)

24 June, 2021

Thank you for this information. Unfortunately Australia is the only high-income country with endemic trachoma, and is a real issue here in Indigenous health. It also helps understand why Australian patient representatives such as myself try to stay alert to health issues in LMIC becasue we have them here, from trachoma to leprosy, showing the deep fractures (and fibs) in our so called universal health care system. I attach two links which may be of interest. the first to our national government website and the other to a private foundation which addresses trachoma both in Australia and around the world:

Department of Health | Trachoma - National Guidelines for Public Health Units


Trachoma | Causes & Treatments | Fred Hollows Foundation



HIFA profile: Ann Lawless is a sociologist and patient representative, currently based in Australia. She has worked in a community health centre as a health worker, has taught health issues at university level including Indigenous health; and has an active and long term interest in health advocacy. She is a member of the HIFA-WHO working group on Learning for quality health services.



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