The Lancet: Air travel for global health: flying in the faceof sustainable development? (7)

25 December, 2019

Najeeb thank you, you hit the nail on the head. The irony or surprise to some of us old enough to remember the good old days, is that the very countries that preached interdependence and who birthed globalization are the very ones now touting isolationism because they command all the forces of power, coercion, sheer brute force.

But you know what tragically Ebola reminded the world that countries must remain interconnected and ready to face human disasters like climate change together not separately. Ebola in 2014 started in poor and ‘not so important’ countries and crept into the all mighty and strong countries and killed people in the poor and in the richer countries before there was a truly global reaction and response. Climate change threatens us all where ever one is but some richer countries responsible for more of the pollution have not woken up to the fact, until it may be too late. That is the challenge, the world must act together otherwise we are all in peril

Joseph Ana

HIFA profile: Joseph Ana is the Lead Consultant and Trainer at the Africa Centre for Clinical Governance Research and Patient Safety in Calabar, Nigeria. In 2015 he won the NMA Award of Excellence for establishing 12-Pillar Clinical Governance, Quality and Safety initiative in Nigeria. He has been the pioneer Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) National Committee on Clinical Governance and Research since 2012. He is also Chairman of the Quality & Performance subcommittee of the Technical Working Group for the implementation of the Nigeria Health Act. He is a pioneer Trustee-Director of the NMF (Nigerian Medical Forum) which took the BMJ to West Africa in 1995. He is particularly interested in strengthening health systems for quality and safety in LMICs. He has written Five books on the 12-Pillar Clinical Governance for LMICs, including a TOOLS for Implementation. He established the Department of Clinical Governance, Servicom & e-health in the Cross River State Ministry of Health, Nigeria in 2007. Website: Joseph is a member of the HIFA Steering Group and the HIFA working group on Community Health Workers.

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