Lancet: A vision for universal eye health

19 October, 2019

CITATION: Editorial| volume 394, issue 10207, p1388, october 19, 2019

A vision for universal eye health

The Lancet, Published: October 19, 2019


'80% of vision impairment is preventable or treatable, yet it affects millions of people, and many have no access to affordable, good-quality eye care. WHO's first World Report on Vision, released on Oct 8, 2019, suggests how to meet the world's growing eye care needs...

'Good evidence on how to improve quality of care in LMICs is also scarce... Fully accessible and affordable evidence-based strategies that are integrated into health systems and delivered at high quality should ensure that nobody loses their vision unnecessarily.'

COMMENT (NPW): The statement that 'Good evidence on how to improve quality of care in LMICs is also scarce' applies across the whole spectrum of health and disease. This is despite the fact that poor quality of care - from the home through the different levels of the healthcare system - is a major (if not *the* major) determinant of avoidable death and suffering. One of the prerequisites for quality care (for eye health, as for all health issues) is access to reliable, actionable healthcare information.

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