Learning for primary healthcare workers: a multi-directional approach

8 July, 2021

Hi, for those of you interested in learning for primary healthcare workers, in learning methodologies in general and also in reflecting on what we mean by 'capacity building' - then read the latest blog in PCI's 'Primary Care

Perspectives' Op Ed series: Rethinking global health worker education: the value of multi-directional learning


A multi-directional approach to learning is essential to bring real value and innovation and this co-authored blog looks at what is needed for this to happen - and how our PCI Academy offers a model for how to do this in practice.

Jane Lennon

Communications Manager

Primary Care International


Skype: jane.lennon87

HIFA Profile: Jane Lennon is Communications Manager at Primary Care international (PCI): a primary care organisation which works collaboratively to train primary healthcare staff through evidence based guidelines, and to support and strengthen complete health systems. https://pci-360.com/ She is a member of the HIFA working group on Almaty 2.0.



jane.lennon AT pci-360.com

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