Medical error reporting among physicians and nurses in Uganda (2)

27 January, 2020

This research plays an important part of the way the future needs to go for Uganda to reduce maternal mortality.

I discovered that reporting only led to blame, loss of jobs and therefore the cycle goes on.

I spent my time and energy on educating the community about the cause and reason for some basic medical interventions. Birth preparedness and knowledge is the best way to spend our energy.

The judicial system will never keep up with the number of errors noted in your research so in addition to making the system safer we also need to focus on educating the masses, including men, about the wonder joy and miracle of birth.

With a knowledgeable and supportive family they can prepare for the newborn and this will save more mothers.

Our training Wise Choices for Life focuses on training the non medical community, male and female about sexuality, puberty,conception,antenatal care normal birth and warning signs of danger.

Marg Docking

Executive Director

Wise Choices for Life

The vision of Wise choices for Life is to see thriving communities where every child is born into a caring, healthy and loving family

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HIFA profile: Marg Docking is founder and director of Wise Choices for Life, which empowers vulnerable men and women in the child bearing age group in Uganda with reproductive health knowledge and skills to break the poverty cycle. marg AT