MSH-USAID-HIFA directory of global health discussion forums

4 April, 2020

HIFA is collaborating with Management Sciences for Health and USAID’s Health Research Program to develop an online directory of communities of practice (CoPs) in global health. See here:

We hope this directory will help facilitate cooperation and communication among and between different CoPs, and reduce duplication of effort. We also hope it will be useful to individuals to see the wide range of different CoPs you can join.

I have no doubt that CoPs will play an increasingly vital role in global health and international development. As we have discussed on HIFA, we bring many, many benefits as compared with (for example) international conferences (more inclusive, more equitable, lower cost, lower carbon footprint...). Their potential is huge and is only constrained by the minimal financial support that such CoPs receive. This in turn is a reflection of a lack of awareness among funders to recognise their benefits and their potential.

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Meanwhile, if you know of any other substantial, successful communities of practice that are not yet included in the directory, please let us know.

Many thanks, Neil

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