New family planning video series launched!

29 October, 2021

Dear colleagues,

Global Health Media Project is delighted to announce the release of our first set of videos in our family planning series: 13 films on long-acting reversible contraceptive methods, specifically the copper IUD and the implant.

For health workers, the set includes how to counsel clients on these methods, and how to insert an IUD, postpartum IUD, one-rod implant, and two-rod implant. There are two films for women and their partners about the IUD and implant. In addition, we have created brief teaching shorts that show and tell the step-by-step information that is demonstrated in the skills videos.

The films were shot in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Uganda just pre-Covid, arriving home in early March 2020.

We will be gradually rolling out the entire series of more than 60 videos in the coming weeks and months.

We collaborated with Ipas and Reproductive Health Uganda (IPPF affiliate) to secure clinical sites. We are grateful to colleagues from Ipas, UNFPA, WHO, ICM, and Laerdal Global Health for their content expertise throughout this project.

These videos are available in English now, with French and Spanish available soon through support from Translators without Borders. Please contact us if you would like to narrate them in your language.

You can watch the videos on the Global Health Media website where they are also available for download:

To learn more about the purpose and content of these videos, visit the family planning project page:

Please feel free to share this announcement with your colleagues.

Thanks and kind regards,


Deborah Van Dyke, Director

Tel/WhatsApp: +1.802.595.9606

Skype: deborahvandyke

HIFA profile: Deborah Van Dyke is the Founder and Director of Global Health Media Project, an organization producing videos that bring to life critical health care information for providers and populations in low-resource settings. Capitalizing on advances in ICT will enable distribution worldwide at lower cost via the Internet and mobile devices. She is a family practice clinician with extensive experience with MSF/Doctors Without Borders, based in the US. deb AT