Novel coronavirus (101) 10 Global Digital Health Solutions for Coronavirus International Response

7 March, 2020

Here is a posting with very useful links from: "ICTworks" by Wayan Vota (March 7, 2020)

10 Global Digital Health Solutions for Coronavirus International Response


Excerpt: Global coronavirus infections now exceed 100,000 confirmed cases in 97 countries, with over 3,400 deaths from COVID-19, leading to international travel bans and almost 40 conference cancellations ( across the international development industry. Donors like USAID (, DFID (, World Bank (, and Gates Foundation

( are asking, “What globaldigital health solutions are available for international COVID response,” that can be implemented by government health systems in low- and middle-income countries? We asked the Global Digital Health Network ( – over 4,000 digital health practitioners – for their thoughts on which digital health solutions would be applicable for COVID response in LMICs and received multiple ideas that public health managers can use to mitigate this international communicable disease outbreak. The responses mainly focused on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. These digital health solutions ( could be used to

communicate how to avoid coronavirus infection, understand who might be infected with COVID-19, and track treatment protocols and adherance. They are in addition to artificial intelligence solutions for COVID containment ( we explored previously.

Sam Lanfranco

HIFA profile: Sam Lanfranco is Professor Emeritus & Senior Scholar at York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. . He was formerly chair of the Canadian Society for International Health, and runs the health promotion list CLICK4HP. Lanfran AT