Novel coronavirus (117) CoVID-19 Is Exposing Deficiencies in U.S. Health Care - HBR

13 March, 2020

Please find the HBR article which shades some light on what some of the existing deficits are.

“Despite the many strengths of the U.S. health care system - especially its care of highly complex, sspecialized problems - it often falls short on the basiccs. As Covid-19’s spread continues, it will

demonstrate how essential those missing basics truly are.”

It does not include the challenges of unaffordability for uninsured patients, non-exitance of paid sick leave, marginalized groups that are underserved, immigrants that will seek health services, afraid of possible deportation in case they do not have all the right documents, the homeless veterans etc...

Included here as of today is the Testing in the U.S. link for CDC:

Is closing the flights from most of Europe a solution, or that just brings the burden for better response on the other side?

Hope we can pave momentum for Universal Health Coverage with less casualties.


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