Novel coronavirus (125) App for surveillance on COVID-19

14 March, 2020

Dear All,

Just wanted to share a smartphone developed by Contech International- a private sector healthcare research and management organisation in Pakistan and is now being planned to be used for CoVID-19 reporting.

The purpose of sharing this is to ensure if there is a requirement anywhere, particularly in low resource countries, this App can be utilised.

Following is a brief on the App:

HealthAlert® is developed for surveillance of notifiable diseases. The application is designed for healthcare providers - doctors, nurses and allied health professioonals - from public and private health facilities as well as patientts, their families and communities for generating an alert on notifiable diseases.

HealthAlert® turns fragmented reporting into comprehensive surveillance of outbreaks and epidemic-prone diseases. Resultantly, the application strengthens the surveillance systems, particularly in low-resource and developing countries to React, Report and Respond to diseases.

HealthAlert is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store:

Health Alert (Apple App Store)

Health Alert (Google Play Store)

Hope this will be useful.

Mariam Z.Malik

Public Health Consultant

Contech International


HIFA profile: Mariam Z Malik is Business Development Manager at Contech International, Pakistan. Her professional interests include Health and health care information. mariam.zahid AT