Novel coronavirus (128) Keep up with the latest coronavirus research. Open-resource literature hub LitCovid

15 March, 2020

(with thanks to HIFA country representative for Croatia, Irina Ibraghimova and LRC Network)

Nature. 2020 03;579(7798): 193

Keep up with the latest coronavirus research. Chen Q, Allot A, Lu Z


'Open-resource literature hub known as LitCovid ( ) curates the most comprehensive collection of international research papers so far on the new coronavirus disease COVID-19 (see Developed with the support of the US National Institutes of Health’s intramural research programme, LitCovid is updated daily with newly published articles. The aim is to provide timely insight from the scientific literature into the biology of the virus and the diagnosis and management of those who have been infected.

'LitCovid has a more sophisticated search function than existing resources. It identifies roughly 35% more relevant articles than do conventional keyword-based searches for entries such as ‘COVID-19’ or ‘nCOV’. Furthermore, the articles are categorized by topic - overview, disease mechanismm, transmission dynamics, treatment, case report and epidemic forecasting - as well as by geographic location for visualization on a world maap.'

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