Novel coronavirus (153) Awareness campaign to fight against coronavirus pandemic in community frontline in sub-Saharan Africa

18 March, 2020

Dear All,

The CORONAVIRUS outbreak is unstoppable according what we see and learn in Medias, there is a global fear. Among measures taken by states; quarantine and management health care are common.

As the progression pace is not same, the outbreak began in China hereafter reported in other Asia countries, Europe and America. In Africa continent, cases are reported in more of half countries. Here, we need to stay careful; most countries health systems are low, most are called developing counties with fragile economy, protective measures are hard to be enforced, and beyond most citizens are not able to be confined because their likelihood is daily. There is interdependence between states, also it seems uncomfortable to declared one state in quarantine in comparison with developed countries.

In front-line, there is an opportunity, launch an awareness campaign can help, mains topics will be COVID-19 transmission mechanism, how to prevent, how to avoid contamination, what attitudes to undertake whether suspicion, what are qualified hospitals of disease management and other types of help. We believe that COVID-19 solution is linked to BEHAVIOR CHANGE SCIENCE.

An official campaign has an asset of minimize misinformation flow circulating in social medias such fake news we heard about probable protective effect of high environment temperature or skin color virtues in sub-Saharan Africa. Dangerous attitude that can make this part of world more vulnerable because it will be very hard to contain such epidemic where majority of population will be vulnerable. Mobilizing existing medias to campaign is very cheap, decision makers need just to launch campaign and enforce the rules, disseminate official message before each news session and also in introduction of each program, and organize debate in radio, TV and reporting in newspapers. Displays can complete this campaign.

To prevent the spreading of CORONAVIRUS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa, we need just a call of action for mobilizing everyone; behavior change, availability and appropriate use of existing health facilities for healthcare management. This is a call to action

Andre Shongo Diamba

Director - PHOrg

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HIFA profile: Andre Shongo Diamba is a Medical Doctor, holder of MPH-International Health from Tulane University (USA), Founder and Director at PHOrg – Public Health Organization. He is a HIFA Country Representative.

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