Novel coronavirus (159) When COVID-19 Comes to Africa (3) Call a friend, family member and share

19 March, 2020

Learning on CORONAVIRUS from media coverage: HEALTH BELIEF THEORY OF CHANGE, easy to share each other

Dear All,

Ongoing CORONAVIRUS pandemic threatens the global public health. When we hear about rigorous quarantine measures applied in many countries, about reducing of people gathering, countries borders locked as strategies to slow and impede news transmissions, everybody is called to contribute to fight. Each other among us, in presence or via call or message, can contribute to social behavior communication change theory in individual level, from what we learn and hear via media, especially radio and televisions.

The CORONAVIRUS pandemic can touch everyone in different societies. Certainly, they are different levels of weaknesses, vulnerabilities and barriers; different measures are tailored according that; reduce gatherings in public areas (schools, markets, soccer stadiums), strengthen low heath system low (healthcare management) or other strategies..

Health belief theory of individual change is easy to apply as coping mechanism, just comply with WHO and home ministries of health recommendations; stay at home, avoid gathering or be in crowd places, keep social distance each other, observe self-quarantine, get in touch emergency health care and qualified health facilities points.

Let‘s go in Democratic Republic of Congo and in Sub-Saharan Africa, call a friend, family member and share with him.

Andre Shongo Diamba

Director - PHOrg

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HIFA profile: Andre Shongo Diamba is a Medical Doctor, holder of MPH-International Health from Tulane University (USA), Founder and Director at PHOrg - Public Health Organization. He is a HIFA Country Representative.

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