Novel coronavirus (170) Global MediXchange for Combating COVID-19 (2)

20 March, 2020

Dear Neil and everyone,

Thanks Neil very much for your message and reaching out to get the work forward with Jack Ma. He is also the current UN SDGs advocate and has provided a great effort for including the SDGs in the focus within its organizations. We can now work further on the Health for All part through this initiative too.

I am associated with the Zhejiang University and have worked in the past days with the Academy of Internet Finance to see how we can initiate the collaboration and research with the Ant Financial as partner, since we have the existing affiliation.

The use of the Alipay (fintech solution) in the past crises and current emergency is inevitable to be recognized as one of the great solutions for the tracking of exposure through data and getting a QR code for access during the next phase in the response after the lockdown phase.

Let's get on a call to prepare the next steps for the formal collaboration request.

Please also kindly change my country representative status from the USA to China since I live permanently here now in Haining, Zhejiang Province.

The international campus based in Haining, besides the Zhejiang International Business School hosts the partnership with the University of Edinburg that delivers undergrad and graduate biomedical education.

Let's not lose the momentum of our community in HIFA to provide all the relevance we have crated over the decades and move forward.

Should we schedule a zoom call sometime next week? Happy to initiate it.

Best regards,


Tatjana Kobb, MD

Adjunct Professor

MS Global Studies & International Relations

Northeastern University

College of Professional Studies

T: +1 617 586 5697



HIFA Profile: Tatjana Kobb Tatjana Kobb is a Medical Doctor and founder of Boston Sustainability Advising. She has worked on developing strategic programs for international organizations, national services providers and universities from UNICEF and WHO to Qatar Petroleum and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. In the past decades she has mastered stakeholder engagement and relationship management toward building strategic partnerships to ensure each organization’s mission can be realized to ensure the best interest of the served community. She is passionate about leading and enabling delivery of best services and products in line with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and implementation of the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact. Working on reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by stakeholder engagement and performance improvement of governments and organizations she has a role in mentoring and supporting executives, as well as youth leaders in their career transition and development is in addition to her PhD work at the IEDC Bled School of Management and the GRI G4 reporting she conducts. She is a HIFA Country Representative and member of the HIFA working group on Information for Citizens, Parents and Children and the HIFA working group on Mobile Healthcare Information for All.