Novel coronavirus (36) Response from the Japanese government

22 February, 2020

Dear all

You can find several facts and the Japanese government responses to COVID19.

The government's guideline as follows;

If you have any of the following symptoms, please consult the health centre.

1. Symptoms of fever of 37.5 degrees or more have continued for four days or more. (Including when you need to keep taking antipyretic)

2. Severe fatigue or dyspnea.

3. Elderly people or those with underlying illness, if the above condition lasts for about two days

Please let me know your evaluation on it.

My question is about the possibility to spread the infection through this guideline.

I think that it's better to stay at home when it's not so serious, even if several symptoms exist.

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Guest Researcher

Epidemiology and Global Health (EpiGH)

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Umeå University

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Prof. Hajime Takeuchi, MD (Paediatrician)

School of Social Welfare

Graduate School of Social Welfare

BUKKYO University

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HIFA Profile: Hajime Takeuchi is a Professor at the Bukkyo University in Japan. Professional interests: child public health, child poverty.

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