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22 February, 2020

I am forwarding this message on behalf of HIFA member Ron Laporte, with thanks. Neil PW

Dear HIFA colleagues and friends,

We drafted a short white paper on the establishment of Multilingual Just in TIme lectures as part of WHO and WHO EMRO. The concept is simple, two primary WHO sites with Ali in WHO EMRO and Eugene at the Siberians Academy of Sciences. Faina and I would be a backup site in Pittsburgh.

When a disaster occurs, we pull out a generic lecture on the causes of that disaster that we have available, e.g. Ebola disease and distribute this through our network, and to all the WHO Collaborating centers. As valid information comes in the lecture would be updated, e.g. Ebola in Nigeria.

The goal is to be proactive and share the best scientific information in 104 languages before rumors, conspiracy theories, hoaxes evolve, e.g. Ebola is the result of evil spirts.

Here is the white paper. Najeeb,and Friends I was wondering about your thoughts

I was thinking that a way to speed this up might be to establish this as a WHO multinational project. I started one 30 years ago and it was hugely successful. We built the WHO Multinational project for childhood diabetes with 155 centers in 70 countries. Perhaps a WHO Multinational and multilingual project for JIT lectures or something like this. We were able to get our project approved in only weeks


White Paper: Coronaviruses and Disasters: Breeding grounds for conspiracy theories, rumors, and Hoaxes

Prevention with JIT Multilingual Lectures and WHO

Problem: Major worldwide disasters occur about once a year. The patterns are the same, with a spike of interest (google trends), followed by a rapid decline. In the first few days, there is a vacuum of knowledge, with many people concerned but few accurate scientific information. In this vacuum, people look for explanations. Rumors, Hoaxes, conspiracy theories start circulating, with little to stop them, as science typically lags far beyond the disasters.

Solutions: We have established a system called WHO Just in Time multilingual lectures. Instead, scientists delay taking weeks if not months for analysis, we provide top quality disaster information in the minutes and hours. This information is pushed to the teachers of the world.

Our approach is quite simple and was pioneered by Ali Ardalan, M.D. during the Bam Earthquake in 2003 in collaboration with the WHO Collaborating Centre in Pittsburgh. Immediately after the earthquake we decided to build a Bam Earthquake lecture in English and Farsi that could be delivered across Iran and the world. In doing this we saw the power of these JIT lectures to defusing the fear associated with a disaster.

Since then we have developed almost 60 template lectures on Earthquakes, Floods, Tsunami, epidemics, tornados, hurricane, airline crashes, etc. If an earthquake occurs in Turkey, we can pull out our generic Earthquake lecture in minutes and distribute this to improve understanding of earthquake. Then as more scientific information becomes available, the lecture is tailored, e.g. the building of an Istanbul earthquake lecture. In addition, we use machine translation so that this lecture is available in Turkish and 104 languages. All this is occurring in a short time span of hours after the event.

We have developed this approach with over 100 JIT lectures. We have had enormous success is providing the best possible disaster information to the world. For example, our H1N1 lecture in Chinese and English was seen by 50 million people. Our latest effort has been with coronavirus lectures seen by millions and is described below.

One reason for this major success as the Library of Alexandria and our Supercourse has an enormous network with close to 1 million emails. We, therefore, can spread â??truthâ??� to close to a milllion people before the conspiracy theories start to percolate.

We propose to establish a WHO Multilingual Just in Time system. The two key players would be the fathers of JIT lectures, Eugene Shubnikov from the Siberian National Academy of Science and Ali Ardalan, M.D. from WHO EMRO. Outside consultants would be Rashid Chotini, Ronald LaPorte, and others from WHO.

Ronald LaPorte, Ph.D. The University of Pittsburgh, Supercourse (

Eugene Shubnikov, M.D. Supercourse

Ismail Serageldin, Ph.D. Library of Alexandria

Ali Ardalan, M.D. WHO EMRO

Faina Linkov, Ph.D. Duquesne University

Francois Sauer, M.D. Supercourse

Coronavirus example

Dear Coronavirus Friends,

Over the past 20 years our supercourse has been developing Just in Time lectures where within a day after major disasters we have world renown scientists creating lectures. We just have done this for Coronavirus. This lecture has been distributed to over 200,000 people world wide, and then "snowballed" to many others. It is available in 104 languages. We are updating it every week until it burns itself out.

We were wondering if you might want to make this available to the people coming to the meeting. The lecture is open source so please share it with others.

Professor Ronald LaPorte

The Coronavirus Outbr Outbreak Is a Petri Dish for Conspiracy Theories

Demystifying conspiracy theory pop-ups with Just in Time Lectures


- Eating bat soup causes Coronavirus

- Coronavirus was bioengineered in Canada and the weaponized in Wuhan for population control

- Drinking bleach will cure Coronavirus

- AIDS causes Coronavirus

- A deep state in the world engineered this outbreak in the 1970s

- Space aliens landed in Wuhan bringing this virus

It is amazing in such a short period of time how rapidly the incidence of conspiracy theories has grown. We are working to help stamp out these theories with fast-acting JIT lectures.

Just in Time Coronavirus lecture - 2019-novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): Facts & Misconceptions

Rashid A. Chotani, MD, MPH, DTM, FRCPH with the Supercourse and Library of Alexandria present to you a Just in Time lecture about the science of Coronavirus.

By sharing this we hope to stamp out bat soup myths about Coronavirus with good science. It is available as a PowerPoint lecture and on the web.

Please feel free to modify it for local circumstances. In addition, we have made it available in Arabic and 103 languages. Rashid has done several Just in Time lectures.

His H1N1 lecture taught 50 million -

With your help, we can demystify conspiracy theory â???pop-upsâ? because we will disseminate the best science before the theories start to grow.

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". (WHO)

Ronald LaPorte, Ph.D.

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