Novel coronavirus (54) Online mental health services in China during the COVID-19 outbreak (2)

24 February, 2020

This is a very interesting paper [ Mental health problems may require psychotherapy over a long time and pharmacotherapy. The present paper refers to mental health advice through social media and IVR. But, how often and to what degree these methods had been effective has not been specifically discussed. If the patients required drugs for treatment, how these medicines were supplied is important to know. In Wuhan Hospitals, robots' help are taken in distribution of drugs and food to minimize chances of spread of infection. I shall be happy if the authors or anybody kindly touch upon these points in the discussion.


Dr. Tusharkanti Dey

HIFA profile: Tusharkanti Dey is a Community Health Specialist at the Center for Total Development in India. Professional interests: Developing community health projects based on ICT. dr.tusharkantidey AT