Novel coronavirus (55) Healthcare information for the general public (11)

24 February, 2020

Dear Neil, from the various posts the you and others have made in HIFA, during the past few days, it appears that the countries are developing and using different protocol for containment of spread of corona virus infection or disease and there in no uniformity in the approach. Some countries are taking help of passive surveillance (self reporting and self induced isolation), while other countries are establishing active surveillance of the contacts for a period which should be to the period of twice the incubation period of corona virus disease. Both these approaches have their own limitations. While passive surveillance depends on honesty of the infected person to report truly, active surveillance requires major infrastructural presence and support.

Regarding corona virus infection, as an epidemiologist, I would like to know, what is incubation period range, because passive or active surveillance for the disease will depend on this knowledge. More over, estimation of Basic Reproduction Rate (R0) requires to carried out on regular basis, to know the efficacy of the containment measures and also to know current status of epidemic in different countries.

I would request, if any member or an expert can highlight the above issues.


Dr.Tusharkanti Dey

HIFA profile: Tusharkanti Dey is a Community Health Specialist at the Center for Total Development in India. Professional interests: Developing community health projects based on ICT. dr.tusharkantidey AT