Novel coronavrus (149) Debunking COVID-19 misinformation with friends and family (6)

18 March, 2020

Dear Chris,

I am really shocked to learn to that such types of misinformation and hazardous rumors spread from from unsolicited websites even in the western countries and people do believe them!

Now, we can think of what will happen in case of the developing countries, where there is so much of poverty, lack of good scientific and evidence based source of information and widespread illiteracy etc.

WHO and other International agencies, can play a great part in this regard, first by standardizing the message content, so that there no scope of spreading the slightest of misconception and making the message available to all by devising the low cost devices, like internet radio, limited transmission range FM broadcasting as is used in campus FM Broadcasting etc.


Dr.TusharKanti Dey

HIFA profile: Tusharkanti Dey is a Community Health Specialist at the Center for Total Development in India. Professional interests: Developing community health projects based on ICT. dr.tusharkantidey AT