Novel coronavrus (150) Panic buying

18 March, 2020

Dear HIFA colleagues,

In the midst of crisis, humour can sometimes help to see us through. There is panic buying of toilet rolls in many countries. It's hard to understand why anyone should need 500 toilet rolls, but it's thought they may provide a 'sense of security'.

I would like to share a local story that made me laugh. A friend of mine Andy works part-time for a local hotel/bar here in Charlbury, with 17 bedrooms. The manager noted that the toilet *brushes* needed to be replaced, so she asked my friend to buy replacements. He went off to the store, loaded a trolley with 17 toilet brushes, and presented himself at the till - where he was accused of panic buying! "No, they are not *all* for me!" After much heated discussion, including intervention by the store manager, he was eventually allowed to buy the brushes and go on his way...

Best wishes, Neil

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