Open Pharma recommendations for plain language summaries of peer-reviewed medical journal publications

23 September, 2021

Dear HIFA colleagues,

We at Open Pharma are delighted to share that we have recently published our recommendations on developing and sharing plain language summaries of peer-reviewed medical journal publications.

We believe medical research is for everyone and plain language summaries of research publications are a means of sharing research in an accessible and inclusive way. Some of the key points from our recommendations highlight that plain language summaries should be:

Targeted toward a broad, inclusive and non-technical, non-specialist, or time-challenged audience

Written in easily understandable, unbiased language that is free of expert or technical jargon and accessible to readers who may have a different first language to that of the summary

Text based and concise (of 250 words or fewer) – this allows for indexing in directories such as PubMed and facilitates straightforward translation.

You can read more here: and please do join in the discussions on twitter at @_OpenPharma or on LinkedIn.

Open Pharma is a multi-sponsor collaboration of pharmaceutical companies, non-pharmaceutical funders, publishers, patients, academics, regulators, editors, and societies seeking to identify and drive positive changes in the publishing of pharmaceutical company-funded research.

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