Opportunity to participate in a fun Behavioral Economics (BE) assessment

15 July, 2021

Would you like to participate in 3 fun exercises to help improve knowledge management for global health?

Knowledge SUCCESS’s partner, Busara Center for Behavioral Economics (Busara), is rolling out a series of assessments to identify how behavioral economics principles can be used to improve knowledge management across the global health field.

Register your interest in participating in the assessments in either English:


or French:


What will you be asked to do?

If you participate, you will be asked to: (1) complete a short quiz, (2) group words into different categories, and (3) respond to an email. The 3 exercises will take no more than 35 minutes of your time in total.

Am I eligible to participate?

To be eligible to participate, participants must:

- Be based in either Asia or sub-Saharan Africa

- Work in global health

- Be over the age of 18

- Have access to the Internet

- Be able to read and understand either English or French

If you meet these criteria and are interested in helping improve knowledge management in your field, please register your interest in either English or French.


We will contact you within 2-3 weeks if you are eligible to participate. Participants will receive a print copy of Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers to thank them for their participation.

Your responses will be kept confidential. The results from the assessments will be incorporated into Knowledge SUCCESS’ knowledge management solutions. We’ll also share the results widely so that other organizations and projects across the global health field at large can learn from our findings. This means you will have more context-specific information available to inform your global health programs. Your participation is essential to ensure that we meet the needs of health professionals and strengthen global health efforts.

Sign up today in English or French to make sure you are included in the assessment!

For more information, please reach out to:

Tara M. Sullivan, PhD

Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

111 Market Place, Suite 310

Baltimore, MD 21202 USA


Telephone: +1 (410) 659-6300

[forwarded by] HIFA profile: Ruwaida Salem is the Knowledge Solutions Team Lead at the Knowledge SUCCESS Project at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Baltimore, MD, USA. Professional Interests: Improving access to and use of evidence-based health information among health care professionals around the world. ruwaida.salem AT jhu.edu