PACK Global COVID-19 updated and expanded guidance

20 August, 2020

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We are pleased to share, courtesy of The Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU), University of Cape Town Lung Institute, South Africa, the latest KTU COVID-19 resources - relevant, contemporaneous and educative about this pandemic that is ravaging Lives and Livelihoods in millions. Stay Safe and Keep well everyone!


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Subject: Re: PACK Global COVID-19 updated and expanded guidance

Update and expansion of PACK Global COVID-19 guidance is now available.

The Knowledge Translation Unit has now expanded its editable (Word and PowerPoint) global version of the Guidance for Professional Health Workers in Primary Health Care Facilities, for localisation to other settings. This expanded version is aligned to the latest WHO COVID-19 guidance, as well as other sources, and includes expanded adult COVID-19 guidance on the following:

Screening patients for COVID-19

Assessment and management of a patient with suspected COVID-19

Approach to a patient with suspected COVID-19

How to take a swab for COVID-19 testing

Symptom pages, including cough, mouth and throat symptoms, fever, headache, diarrhoea and body/general pain

Management of the close contact without COVID-19 symptoms

De-escalation of care for patients with chronic conditions

Home care advice for patients with COVID-19 who are isolating at home

How to practise safely in the context of COVID-19

Management of a health care worker exposed to suspected or confirmed COVID-19

The package also includes sections on the following, to help integrate and enable access of Essential Health programmes in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Diagnosis of tuberculosis in an adult

Routine care of the adult patient with drug-sensitive TB

Routine immunisation of the young child

Assessment of growth in a child

Management of poor growth in a child

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