Patient's record - Personal health booklet (6) Health Literacy, digital access by patients to their records and patient activation (5)

26 October, 2021

The creation and use of patient booklets by patients and families takes time and practice and purposeful conversations with the public and patients through the media, government and professional bodies.

Our research in 2000 on sharing digital records with patients suggested that sharing records through booklets or digital portals is a culture change.

Culture can be described as:

Basic assumptions




The artefacts are patient booklets, digital records and portals

The norms that we hope to achieve are joint sharing of records and care plans between patients and care providers

The values are the abilities and competences of patients families, friends, neighbours and communities

The basic assumption that we hope to change is that only trained professionals can implement care pathways.

This latter basic assumption has clearly to be wrong if health care professionals are willing to prescribe drugs and equipment such as insulin, adrenaline, antiepileptic emergency treatments to families and patients!


HIFA profile: Richard Fitton is a retired family doctor - GP, British Medical Association. Professional interests: Health literacy, patient partnership of trust and implementation of healthcare with professionals, family and public involvement in the prevention of modern lifestyle diseases, patients using access to professional records to overcome confidentiality barriers to care, patients as part of the policing of the use of their patient data

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