PCI's Annual report 2019: see what we've been up to!

28 February, 2020

PCI's Annual report 2019: see what we've been up to!

We are delighted to share with you our brand new Annual Report. We have been privileged to work on a diversity of projects over the past year, whose common thread is a commitment to strengthening the primary healthcare workforce, and the systems around it, to realise quality healthcare for all. In total, in 2019 we worked with 11 partners, on 22 projects, in 20 countries. Thanks to all our team and amazing partners! https://pci-360.com/pcis-annual-report-for-2019/

Jane Lennon

Communications Manager

Primary Care International


Skype: jane.lennon87

Primary Care International is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 8924010. Registered office: Beaver House, 23-38 Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford, OX1 2ET.

HIFA profile: Jane Lennon is Communications Manager at Primary Care international (PCI): a primary care organisation which works collaboratively to train primary healthcare staff through evidence based guidelines, and to support and strengthen complete health systems. https://pci-360.com/


jane.lennon AT pci-360.com