PCI's free COVID-19 e-learning for clinicians - new content added

25 August, 2020

Primary Care International (PCI) [https://pci-360.com/] is a not for profit organisation, working with partners in resource-poor settings to support primary healthcare workers and the systems they work in. In April we launched free COVID-19 e-learning content within our new PCI Academy to all primary care doctors and nurses working in resource-poor settings. https://covid19.pci-academy.org/ Further details on this can be found below.

We have been working hard since then to keep the content up-to-date and respond to feedback from users on what other content they need. We have now added new content including: NCDs & COVID-19; and community mental health (with guest writer Chido Rwafa- Madzvamutse - a psychiatrist from Zimbabwe, previously Deputy Director of Mental Health Services Zimbabwe, currently working in Namibia).

This content provides concise, pragmatic guidance to front-line healthcare workers. The guidance is written by PCI’s Clinical Associates, who are themselves primary healthcare workers. It draws on up-to-date guidance from key sources including the WHO, UNHCR and PCI’s own sister organisation Red Whale (a leading provider of medical education in the UK). The modules include: A guide to public health measures; The definition of a case of COVID-19 virus, Preparing the primary health care centre; Prevent the spread of COVID-19; Triage and management in primary care; Managing patients with NCDs; Mental health -patients and healthcare workers; and Case studies.

How to access the course

Go to the ‘PCI Academy’ website homepage https://covid19.pci-academy.org/

Register for an account

Go to the ‘COVID-19’ course

The whole course will take approximately one and a half hours to complete, and participants will receive a certificate at the end. It can be completed in sections as and when users want to do it.

Once you have registered for an account in your browser, then users can download an app via their usual app store (search for ‘TalentLMS’) and then the module can be used offline (App users will need their log-in details and the PCI academy website address to log-in to the app)

Best wishes

Jane Lennon

Communications Manager

Primary Care International


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HIFA profile: Jane Lennon is Communications Manager at Primary Care international (PCI): a primary care organisation which works collaboratively to train primary healthcare staff through evidence based guidelines, and to support and strengthen complete health systems. https://pci-360.com/



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