Press release: Healthcare Information For All (HIFA) launches new strategy to accelerate progress towards universal access to reliable healthcare information (2)

26 October, 2021

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Congratulations Neil and to your Steering group. The era of this pandemic has made it even more clear that we need not only excellent analysis and messages but also a means to communicate to the ends of the world!!

Don Sutherland

Dr Donald Sutherland BA, MD, M.Community Health, M.Sc Epidemiology

Senior Advisor on Public Health, Canadian Society for International Health

Board Member - Gabriola Health Care Foundation

Board Member - Rural and Remote Division of Doctors of BC

HIFA profile: Don Sutherland is a consultant in Global Public Health and is based in Canada. Professional interests: health in the face of poverty, infectious diseases including HIV, Drug resistance, primary health care, balance between government and academia, ethical and relevant Public Health research. donaldsutherland2015 AT