Press release: Xploro Partners with World Child Cancer

26 October, 2021

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Please find below our press release about the award winning app, Xploro, partnering with World Child Cancer to offer free health information to children undergoing treatment in Ghana.

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Xploro is working with World Child Cancer to offer free of charge access to their award-winning app to children in Ghana.

Xploro will be used on tablet devices and with mobile data provided by World Child Cancer during a two month pilot scheme in a Ghanaian hospital. It will then be rolled out to more hospitals in the country, followed by hospitals in Cameroon and Malawi. Xploro will ultimately be available in every country that World Child Cancer has a presence in, across Africa, Asia and Central America.

Xploro’s co-founder and CEO, Dom Raban, said, “This project will have a huge impact, not only on children using Xploro but their families too. Many hospitals in low and middle-income countries are poorly resourced. Clinicians often don’t have the time or materials to explain to children and their families what to expect from a serious illness like cancer, or the implications of its treatment. This can lead to treatment refusal, or abandonment, through misunderstanding and miseducation. Our vision is that Xploro will change that.

“We feel incredibly proud to work with World Child Cancer to make Xploro accessible to children in Ghana and beyond. Whilst our commercial model is available to any healthcare organisation, we know that in countries like Ghana health information is a luxury that many hospitals simply cannot afford. It’s such an important and worthwhile project, and we jumped at the opportunity to offer Xploro, free of charge.”

The Xploro app, which is proven to reduce anxiety in children being treated for a serious illness, has been customised to reflect specific hospital environments, local staff roles and cultural differences such as names. Children from the west African country have been involved in choosing new in-app avatar names � both locally recognisable given names and the collection of unusual surnames Xploro has become known for by its users.

Professor Lorna Awo Renner, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist and World Child Cancer’s Ghana programme lead, said, “We are delighted to be able to offer the Xploro app to the children at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Being admitted to hospital is often a very frightening and confusing time for families, so having a tool at our disposal to help them make sense of their treatment and diagnosis is invaluable. Through this partnership we hope to reduce the anxiety experienced by children undergoing treatment � encouragiing them to learn and have fun in the process.”

The two-month pilot scheme begins in October with an expected roll out to other Ghanaian hospitals in the new year.



Notes to editors

Xploro® is a mobile application that uses 3D augmented reality interactive models, an artificially intelligent Avatar Guide and a series of games to introduce young patients to hospital environments, staff and processes.

By putting health information in the hands of children, using language they understand and interaction paradigms that they are familiar with, Xploro® aims to reduce their stress and anxiety and improve their clinical outcomes. By reducing the fear associated with procedures Xploro® aims to reduce repeat procedures and shorten treatment times. Finally, by improving child health literacy we provide the foundations for a generation of patients better able to self-manage their healthcare.

We’re starting with children with cancer, but we’re aiming to build a health information platform for any patient, of any age, with any condition, anywhere in the world.

Xploro® has been developed with funding from Innovate UK, GC Angels, Social Tech Trust, The Enterprise Fund, EIT Health and the NHS.

Xploro® has scored 88% on a review by ORCHA, the world’s leading health app evaluation and advisor organisation, making it the highest scoring app for 'cancer' (out of 189 apps), joint first for 'children' (out of 319 apps), and joint first for 'stress and anxiety' (out of 555 apps)

For more information about Xploro, interviews or photographs please contact Richard Douglas on 07970 797 160 or email

About World Child Cancer

Most childhood cancers are curable. We know this because survival rates in the UK and Europe regularly top 80%. But for children in low and middle-income countries, the prognosis is bleak. With their chance of survival falling as low as 10%, every three minutes a young life is lost to childhood cancer.

The solution? It already exists. The challenge is making sure that every child gets the diagnosis, treatment and care they need. In too many countries, public and professional awareness of childhood cancer is dangerously low. Opportunities for early diagnosis are missed. Referrals are delayed. And there are not enough health workers with the specialist skills to diagnose and treat the disease.

It is children and families that pay the price.

Determined to balance this inequality, World Child Cancer works with local, regional and international partners in some of the world’s poorest countries to improve:

Access to treatment

Early diagnosis

Family support


World Child Cancer’s vision is a world where every child with cancer has equal access to treatment and care, no matter where they are born.

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