Quality (113) Improving the quality and safety of health services (6)

8 July, 2021

Such an interesting read. [Mark Cantor, Australia: https://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/quality-102-what-does-quality-care-mean... ]

Much attention should paid to care, supervision and safety of patients.

I have noted also that there are many disparities in guidelines employed by different layers of health providers.

I have also observed that there is much reliance on expert knowledge in interpreting medical diagnosis.

What is the position of perception and emotion in medical judgements. Especially when it has to do with saving lives.

My instance is in TB detection. Two Radiologists can have divergent viewson a chest x-ray image of a client, while the gene xpat [?expert] may either support one judgement.

Where I come from, some women in the upper and middle class tend to give birth through emergency CS due to complications (identified by Providers during ANC). There is no explanation to this phenomenon yet.

I feel that the advancement in space and military technology has made medical science a boy scout. As such, experts should make a case for more funding that will not just support technogical innovations, but also the social and Behavioral engineering of medical experts.

Kingsley George

Social and Behavioral Change (SBC) Facilitator.


HIFA profile: Kingsley George is a Community Engagement Officer at the Centre for Civic Education, Nigeria. Professional interest: Social and Behaviorial Change. kingsleygeorgea@gmail.com