Quality (118) COVID-19 communication and community engagement (3)

9 July, 2021

Dear Bernard: [ https://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/quality-106-covid-19-communication-and-... ]

The points you've raised about the state of - and perception about - CoViD-19 in Africa (and perhaps more precisely in West Africa) are sadly true.

I agree with you that "communication efforts to win adherence to the COVID-19 vaccination must focus on showing that COVID-19 is real in the African countries". But I also wish to state that communication efforts must focus MORE on how to SHOW that some of the pieces of information we hear and see in the media about the virus are unfounded. At the moment, majority of the people have come to accept that CoViD-19 is real. And I think the real challenge now is how to convince the people, and create trust in the SAFETY and efficacy of the vaccines. As noted in some of the previous mail threads in this Forum, the world is currently suffering not just from CoViD-19 pandemic, but also from 'infodemic'. Thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult for an average person to ascertain which information is true about the virus and which is false.

So, how can we disproof and dispel 'false rumours' and 'misinformation' about the pandemic? How can we create confidence in the people about the SAFETY of the vaccines?


ORFEGA, Moses Kumaoron

HIFA profile: Moses Kumaoron Orfega is a Service Improvement Desk Officer at the National Health Insurance Scheme, Nigeria. Professional interests: Social Protection and Financing; Social Health Protection and Universal Health Coverage; Service Quality Improvement; Information Technology. He is a HIFA catalyst for the WHO/HIFA project on Learning for Quality Health Services. Email: ofegamoses AT gmail.com