Quality (129) National commitment (5) Enhancing national commitment to quality of care

12 July, 2021

Greetings everyone -

Really happy to take part of this discussion on quality of care. With my colleague Nana Mensah Abrampah, we work for the WHO Global Learning Laboratory (GLL) for Quality UHC.

The first 2-week discussion has been intense and very rich thanks to all your excellent contributions, and we cannot wait to follow the next weeks of discussion.

The following paragraphs introduce the next 2-week discussion on national commitment to quality of care.

To improve health outcomes, national-level leadership, ownership and action are required to guide, support and sustain such improvements. The precise role of those involved at the national-level varies in accordance with country context. In general, those involved include the ministry of health team responsible for coordinating national quality improvement and patient safety efforts, senior health system and political leaders, relevant steering committees or technical working groups, and other key quality-related bodies active at the country level.

The WHO Quality Health Services: a planning guide [ https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/336661/9789240011632-en... ] provides a range of activities that can be considered by national stakeholders including establishing commitment to improve quality, developing or renewing a national strategic direction on quality, and selecting and prioritizing interventions for quality of care. The next 2-weeks of discussion focuses on exploring ways to enhance national commitment to quality of care, providing practical examples of where this has worked.

This further exploration will be based on the WHO Quality Health Services: a planning guide that is designed to support key actions at the national, district and facility levels to enhance quality of health services. It highlights the need for a systems approach to enhancing quality of care, and for a common understanding of the essential activities at each level and among all stakeholders. The WHO National Quality Policy and Strategy Handbook [ https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/272357/9789241565561-en... ]is a useful resource to view for this discussion.

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HIFA profile: Oriane Bodson is a Technical Officer, Quality of Care at the World Health Organization, Geneva. She is a member of the WHO-HIFA Working Group on Learning for Quality Health Services.



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