Quality (129) National commitment (5) Making the case for financial investment

13 July, 2021

'From your experience, what might work best to enhance national commitment to quality of care? Have you seen any practical solutions that should be shared wider?'

From my experience, money and funding is the greatest catalyst for quality of health care services. To enhance national commitment to this, there is the need to demonstrate that quality health services benefit the country at large by containing epidemics and ensuring a healthy workforce and population. In that way, the extra cost of quality health care services can pay for itself. Thank you, Sebastian

HIFA profile: Sebastian Kevany is a former consultant with the World Health Organisation (WHO), Ireland & USA. Professional interests: Global health security and diplomacy. He is a member of the Catalyst Group for the WHO/HIFA project on Learning for quality health systems. https://www.hifa.org/projects/learning-quality-health-services Email: sk AT diplomatichealth.com