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13 July, 2021

I am Balogun Stephen, a Public Health Physician, Quality Improvement Expert, the Recipient of the Lucian Leape Patient Safety Fellowship award for the year 2021, and a member of the WHO-HIFA Catalyst group on Quality Health Services. I have been a member of HIFA for more than 6 years, receiving the Country Representative of the year award in 2016. I am privileged to have contributed to two of WHO Global Learning Laboratory Handbooks (the handbook of National Quality Policy and Strategies, and the Quality health services: a planning guide). Currently, I work with Caritas Nigeria as the team lead for the Epidemiology and Surveillance unit. I also coordinate a platform of quality improvement and safety enthusiasts in Nigeria with close to 50 members.

I got interested in quality early in my life. Infact, growing up, I felt healthcare was always of high quality and safe because I could just not imagine how health could be otherwise. So, when I got the chance to be a medical doctor, I gave it my best, hoping to be the best surgeon the world has ever had. However, a chain of life-changing events happened towards the end of my medical school days that made me realize that healthcare wasn’t as safe as I thought it was. Maybe it is usually not safe for many (if not most). I realized that being the best surgeon will probably not make healthcare safer for the majority of people. Of course, I understood that being excellent in your field is important and possibly the first step in the direction towards quality universal healthcare. However, my thoughts were around the systemic factors. How we can make the system better for both the care providers and users. So started my quality and quality improvement journey. To me, quality is ensuring that everyone (irrespective of social class, connection, level of education, place of residence etc.) receives the healthcare that they need, at the time that it is needed, and to meet the purpose for which it is needed, always.

Balogun Stephen Taiye MBBS, MPH, CSSGB, SMC, PMP, FISQua

ISQua Expert, ISQua Ambassador, Lucian Leape Patient Safety Scholar,

WHO Global Patient Safety Network (GSPN) Member

HIFA profile: Balogun Stephen Taiye is a Medical Officer/Quality Improvement Team Leader at the Olanrewaju Hospital in Nigeria. He is also currently a post-graduate student of Public Health and Business Administration. Professional interests: patient safety, healthcare quality improvement, reproducible research, data collection and analysis. He is a HIFA Country Representative for Nigeria and was awarded HIFA Country Representative of the Year 2016.



Email: stbalo2002 AT gmail.com