Quality (134) National commitment (8) Corruption and quality of care

14 July, 2021

Is the embezzlement or misdirection or misuse of health funds the greatest obstacle to quality health care? in my work with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria a key element of our field missions was the review of funding flows to make sure (1) supplies reached health clinics and (2) reporting was accurate in terms of number of patients seen and use of resources. In those situations in which corruption or misuse of funds was a threat, quality of care was always lower. Does this resonate with anyone else?

HIFA profile: Sebastian Kevany is a former consultant with the World Health Organisation (WHO), Ireland & USA. Professional interests: Global health security and diplomacy. He is a member of the Catalyst Group for the WHO/HIFA project on Learning for quality health systems. https://www.hifa.org/projects/learning-quality-health-services Email: sk AT diplomatichealth.com