Quality (137) National commitment (11) Australian case study (2)

15 July, 2021

Well written Ann,

I support Ann's description of the Australian system.

[ https://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/quality-135-national-commitment-9-austr... ]

Our system is a hybrid of private and tax payer funded systems. Which gives us the best and worst of both philosophies.

The trick for any national governance system is to implement systems that push the balance towards the best.

I might suggest that Australia's system while very good is subject more to political and vested interests than it is to evidence based philosophies. Our current Covid-19 vaccination program is an excellent example. Many vested interests are at play and some suggest that our system is two tiered. We have both the very best and some very very average healthcare, dependent on your class!

The national aspects of healthcare should focus on these cultural and constitutional aspects of healthcare.


HIFA profile: Mark Cantor is a Health Consumer Representative and is based in Australia. He is a HIFA catalyst for the WHO-HIFA project on Learning for Quality Health Services.


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