Quality (14) Webinar report: What is the role of compassionate leadership in driving quality care? (5)

1 May, 2021

Report out from the Global Health Compassion Rounds held on Mar. 11, 2021, focused on the value of compassionate leadership in global health.

Compassionate Leadership in Global Health

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Our Panelists

Laura Berland, Founder & Executive Director, and Evan Harrel, Chief Operating Officer, together run the Center for Compassionate Leadership. They offered their framework to train and enable leaders to lead with compassion, starting from the inside out.

"We have to come back to that fundamental quiet place so we have the ability to turn our attention to what matters."

Monica Worline is an organizational psychologist whose work is dedicated to cultivating compassionate leadership and an environment that brings people's humanity alive at work. She presented a compelling case for why compassion belongs on any leaders' strategic agenda.

"I'm not teaching anyone how to be compassionate. What we're doing is awakening compassion that's already available to humanity and is there as a resource that we have."

Manvir Victor is the Chairman of Patients for Patient Safety and a renowned radio DJ in Malaysia. He shared how his personal healthcare experience motivated him to become an active patient advocate.

"Only when doctors are genuinely compassionate are patients able to trust them with their lives."

Zerihun Tadesse, Ethiopia Country Representative, The Carter Center, shared his motivations, successes, and challenges in pursuing compassionate leadership.

"It works very well if you first connect as human beings before you connect as coworkers, so that tends to be my philosophy."

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